The Story 
Carrying the last pure seeds which may hold the key to human survival, teenagers Chance and Emily, and their families, race against a deadly worldwide pandemic and the Seed Police, in this action-packed political thriller.
Our Story

When Gayla Prewitt first sought help for her daughter's behavior problems she was astonished to learn that a group of chemicals commonly added to foods were the cause. Those bright colors in her child's cereals, drinks and vitamins came from petroleum, not from nature. The added flavors were a stew of petrochemicals that sounded like the work of a mad scientist. The many preservatives, flavor enhancers, and sweeteners that were found in tiny print on the back of food packages were also triggering her child's distressing behaviors.

She found answers from the non-profit Feingold Association, a support group of parents who showed her how to locate the foods her family enjoyed, but without the petroleum.
Later, Gayla would discover that her boys were becoming very sick as a result of their exposure to the arsenic-treated lumber used to build their porch. As she learned more about petroleum and arsenic, she saw that the government agencies created to protect consumers from dangerous chemicals were not doing this. In fact, they had gone from being watchdogs to becoming the lapdogs of wealthy companies.

Gayla knew how to find food that was free of harmful additives, but now she began to learn that the problems went much further than just the chemicals added to our food. Powerful interests had their sights set on controlling the very basis for life on the planet; the seeds that create our food would be the property of a few, not the birthright of all.

This story is fiction, based on reality. Gayla has used the talents honed in her career as a broadcast journalist to tell others what she has discovered. She is shining a light in the dark corners where the vermin hide.
Jane Hersey, national director, Feingold Association of the U.S.

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