Six ways You can make a difference

1. Get a copy of Seed Police. Use the story as a tool to start conversations about the manipulation of our food supply.

2. Join a social media group that supports organic or non-GMO food production and labeling of GMO food.

3. Sign a petition. Links below.

4. Buy local. Get to know your farmer and ask how he/she grows the food you buy.
5. Grow you own garden and look for heirloom seeds. Click here and below for lists of seed providers.
      *100 Heirloom Seed Providers

6. Buy organic and non-GMO verified food.
Click here for a list of 400 companies with non-GMO products.
The "Dark Act" petition. Click here.
*Safe Seed Resource list.
For additional information click here.

Also here.

The hunt is on