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When I received the test results for two of my children, I was devastated. Two of my boys, then ages three and 1½ years-old, showed heavy metal exposure (mostly arsenic) that was off the charts. We later traced the exposure to our CCA treated lumber porch and worked with doctors to detoxify their small bodies. For more information on that part of the story go to,

I had already started on the journey of questioning additives in our food because of learning and behavior issues experienced with our daughter. Through information from the Feingold Association, I would learn that many of the additives came from petroleum. I was shocked to learn that petroleum is the base ingredient in all the FD& C food colors in our favorite morning breakfast cereals and other processed foods. It was hard for me to believe at first, but I did find a reference
to the additives on the

confirming the Feingold group’s claim. Now, the episode of my boys’ heavy metal exposure heightened my diligence to research the safety of all things my children would come into contact with; the things we ate, washed with, & breathed in.

That research has led me to the conclusion that genetically modified organisms are one of the greatest threats to our health and environment. I feel the proliferation of GMOs is one of the more pressing humanitarian issues of our time. Their reach is far and wide, reportedly affecting everything from animal health & farmers’ rights, to recent studies possibly linking the GE organisms to an increase in cancer and autism. In addition, there are concerns that genetically modified crops threaten existing plant varieties, making us more vulnerable to the effects of famine and plant disease. The US Geological survey has also found detectable levels of glyphosate (the main ingredient in the herbicides used when farming GE crops) in our rainfall. Researchers say that the herbicide is also found in breast milk. http://www.motherearthnews.com/natural-health/glyphosate-herbicide-found-in-breast-milk-of-american-mothers-zwfz1404zswa.aspx#axzz31vHPY5SA

What do GMOs in our food supply, petroleum in food dyes, and arsenic in CCA treated lumber have in common? None of these “ingredients” appears on the label. At the very least, I believe that as consumers we should have the right to know what is in the products that we buy and bring into our homes. People have asked for genetically modified ingredients to appear on food labels. One organization petitioned the FDA with more than a million signatures asking for GMO labeling. The FDA did not oblige. Sixty-four countries worldwide require labeling of GE food, the US is not one of them. Most recently, the state of Vermont passed legislation requiring all foods containing genetically modified ingredients to be labeled. The national Grocery Manufacturers Association says it plans to sue the state of Vermont because of the new law.
A few years ago, I wrote a screenplay which I have now converted into a short novel. Even though Seed Police is a work of fiction, some of the latest information surrounding the GMO debate is woven throughout the story of this political thriller. My hope; the story in Seed Police will expand the conversation to a greater number of dinner tables throughout the world.



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The hunt is on
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